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Learn the simple way to become a magnet-like leader and attract more opportunities, grander business ideas and more wealth. Without stress. All that, having great fun and inspiring challenges!

Join the 90-days coaching program to remove all emotional interference that holds you back in your professional career, and experience a powerful transformation in your business, family and wealth.

Emotional blocks, interference, lack of time, mental toughness, lack of self-motivation and other daily challenges now can be easily dissolved, so you can take back control of yourself, and live the life you deserve to live.

Portret Neo Ross

Allow me to introduce myself,
my name is Neo Ross

I am an experienced transformational leadership coach and professionally trained human behavior specialist with an international reputation for training leaders and organizations to improve business results with less stress.

Over the last 7 years, I had a privilege to help achieve powerful results for more than 2 400 individuals from startup founders to CEOs, business owners, sales teams, celebrities, actors, influencers, and entrepreneurs globally.

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Introducing the Private Training Program for Executives and Business Owners:

The Magnetic Executive

Join the program to activate your inner leader, get rid of the mental blocks, improve your business results, inspire your employees, to cultivate greater results in your organization, and attract more opportunities – just like a magnet.

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What's inside the program:

  • Discover Your Inner Leader
    We will start with the most fundamental and the most important part of your journey - your individual values. By discovering these you will establish crystal clear clarity in your daily activities, constant inner peace an increase in your self-actualization.
    • Help you to design your personal hierarchy of values to identify your highest life priorities.
    • Set a framework for your life’s mission and vision to be able to set a powerful intention and achieve long term goals;
    • Uncover your roots of inspiration to be able to maintain a constant energy day and night.
  • Learn to Code Your Mind
    When I was a mentor in Standford's entrepreneurship course I met many inspiring individuals that lost inspiration to build their business within just a month or two. I've been there myself. 7 times. Over time I realized that I suffered from a fantasy. A fantasy that owning a successful business and being in a leadership position would bring more benefits than challenges in my life. I learnt that if one wants to have a successful career or business this needs to be your highest value, otherwise it is not gonna happen.
    • Identify your life priorities demonstrated currently in your life;
    • Together make a decision on what priorities will help you to achieve what you want;
    • Create a mind-map of specific actions and homework exercises in order to ensure success.
  • Dissolve Your Shameful Experiences
    Shame is one of the greatest limitations in our lives. According to Schaufeli and Enzmann, scientists expert in the field of stress, shame is one of the main stressors in our daily lives. Social Psychologist Sally S. Dickerson concludes that shame promotes defensiveness, interpersonal separation, and distance. In this session, I’ll help you to dissolve the feeling of shame.
    • Identify your biggest shame within the areas of your career and business.
    • Dissolve the feeling of shame and help you to remove emotional baggage.
    • Release you from any frustration related to your past experiences that may affect your future choices.
  • Get Away from Your Guilty Experiences
    You may not be aware of this but the guilt of previous experiences is an obstacle blocking your success. Researchers from Princeton University have found evidence that the emotional experience of guilt can be grounded in subjective bodily sensation - you can literally feel guilt weighing on your shoulders. Experiences of guilt are directly related to feelings of fear of the future.
    • Identify the greatest guilt related to your business or career that may be holding you back.
    • Dissolve guilt using a time-proven method.
    • Learn to balance out your perception so the next time you will be able to do it right on the spot
  • Learn to Fight with Your Greatest Fear
    Not earning enough money when starting a business, organizational changes, loss of finances, debt, deadlines at work - these are the most common fears I see among my clients. The methods I employ have helped me solve my biggest fears and I am sure I will be able to help you a lot! You will realize it is only your perception which is holding you back.
    • Identify the number one fear within your business or career
    • Dissolve or reduce the fear related to any perceived challenge
    • Design a plan for how to dissolve other fears and remove any perceived objection on your way to success
  • Create a Dominant Vision that is Greater than You
    You are limited not by your abilities, but by your vision. You might have heard the saying: the greater is the cause, the greater is the effect. If you look at the list of Fortune 500, all of the individuals created the organizations because their vision was greater than themselves. In this session we will:
    • Design a powerful vision which is bigger than you. This vision will keep you inspired every single day.
    • Awaken your Spiritual Force, as Bruce Lee named it. Increase your self-worth dramatically.
    • Find your way to contribute humanity and contribute in the way that you want and deserve.
  • Transform Your Vision into the Action Plan
    Since childhood I have been analyzing the most successful individuals from history. Every single one of them had clarity in what they did, inspiration in their daily actions, self-management systems and congruent long-term goals. However, as I mentioned before, according to Harvard Business Review, Just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals, with a resounding 92% that end up in failure. Let me help you to create a sustainable system that will lead you to success.
    • Eliminate any unrealistic or destructive goals and set realistic, congruent goals to focus your daily actions in a single direction
    • Learn how to apply the practical universal laws to achieve success in the long-term and not to get disappointed by short term results.
    • Break down your goals in order to have an effective and time proven way to manage performance on a daily basis
  • Guarantee Your Achievement
    If you search for a confirmation among your friends right after you’ve got a new idea – it’s a sign to you that your idea is not quite meaningful enough to you. Give me 90 minutes and I'll help you to create a sustainable link between your goals and your inner driving intentions.
    • Link your core values with your goals to create a psychological defense system which protects you from any distraction
    • Set a reasonable price for your new product or service using the most efficient method I have ever seen to maximize your 1 hour potential
    • Make it clear how to recognize your inner and your outer voice that is coming from your unconscious patterns to make sure you are driven from within, not from without
  • Remove any Interfering Emotional Baggage
    I am sure you will agree that taking action is the key to any career, any business. By this stage, we have created everything needed for your business or career success, but without action - nothing will happen. I will show how to create daily action and remove any perceived challenge that is still left in the way.
    • Identify the top perceived challenges which are holding you back
    • Dissolve any perceived challenges in order to maximize your performance
    • Create an unbreakable link between your perceived challenges and your highest values to reduce the influence of any challenges in the future
  • Sharpen Your Strengths Performance
    In the last session, we will uncover your greatest strengths to be able to maximize your performance. Peter F. Drucker believed that improving your weaknesses will only bring you up to average. While focusing on your strengths will make you become so good no one will be able to ignore you. In the last session we will:
    • Uncover your top 5 strengths to sharpen your performance and delegate the weaknesses
    • Delegate your weaknesses to others to leverage your personal worth.

Why I Created the Magnetic Executive Program:

Every single individual I have met in my life, or every single successful entrepreneur or careerist I have studied have one common trait – Clarity. These people have a sustained, unyielding, concentrated, borderline obsessive focus on one area of life, one activity, one idea, one concept that made them great.

Dissolve Your Fears, Increase Self-Confidence and Achieve Greater Business Results!


Reduce Anxiety, Worries and Gain Fulfilment, Fill Your Day With Gratitude!


Stop Living Week by Week, Create a Lifetime Vision and Attract More People to Your Team!

Dissolve Your Fears, Increase Self-Confidence and Achieve Greater Business Results!


Reduce Anxiety, Worries and Gain Fulfilment, Fill Your Day With Gratitude!


Stop Living Week by Week, Create a Lifetime Vision and Attract More People to Your Team!

Christoffer Bertilsson

Scandinavia's Leading Social Media Influencer

“Neo helped me with several important occasions in my personal and professional life. First of all, Neo has helped me to define the most important life priorities - my core values. This discovery gave me clarity, focus and a clear vision of where I want to go."

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Romualdas Mačiulis

Entrepreneur and International Business Consultant

“I had trouble dissolving my guilt associated with enjoying a good life. I have contacted Neo on advice of my wife, as she has recommended him as an expert to help me get back into balance to be able to enjoy what was there already before me.

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Michael Hoad

Actor (King Arthur and Transformers: The Last Knight)

“I first met Neo in London. He was facilitating The Breakthrough Experience course. As an attendee I was really struggling to see the other side of an event with a work colleague. Using his great logic and deep understanding of human behavior Neo was able to help.

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So now you must decide whether to focus on your past results, failures, disappointments and continue investing your valuable time and energy on things that haven’t succeeded on your path. Or take action NOW and start designing your executive path you’ve always wanted – transform your business or job in order to have a long-lasting life of fruitfulness and abundance.

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