Simple Techniques to Forget the Daily Stress and Rather Focus on Progress

Do you control your emotions or do emotions control you?

The simple fact: emotions always come before logic.

The one who can manage emotions in any situation – wins the game against the one, who doesn’t.

Abraham Lincoln inspires me! Whenever Lincoln felt the urge to tell someone off, he would compose what he called a “hot letter.” He’d pile all his anger into a note and then write “Never sent. Never Signed”.

A famous online employment organization Glassdoor believes that no matter how many degrees or other on-paper qualifications a person has, if he or she doesn’t have certain emotional qualities, he or she is unlikely to succeed.

In this article I will cover 2 simple techniques that will help you to master your emotions.

Here are the some of the benefits you may experience:

  1. a great improvement in the quality of your decisions;
  2. better emotional stability, reduced “brain noise”;
  3. less distraction by meaningless activities – laser like focus;
  4. you will appreciate any event that happens in your daily life – both positive and negative;
  5. better relationship with others, less judgement.

There is a simple way to get more things done throughout your day. Here is how: 

Become a Historian of Yourself

Selfies, videos, pictures, snapshots – a vital element of daily routine.

There has been a research done in the University of Florida. E. Kim explains that a selfie is a trait of narcissism. However, it improves the self-confidence of the individual. It affirms the positive self-views (Kim et al. 2016).

If you feel you can’t maintain your focus on an important task, take a break. Open your picture gallery on your phone.

When you access your memories, your conscious thinking experiences something like a “massage.”

Another essential tool is a journal of your personal story. Be creative. Write the diary of love. The gratitude journal. The journal of friends. The memoir of own life. Or whatever that resonates with you.

“Happier Human” presents this glowing chart how gratitude affects us:

I write a gratitude journal every single evening. For me, it is like meditation – expressing thoughts on paper.

Plato said: “A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things.”

After I started, I have experienced vast improvements in the quality of my sleep. I attract more opportunities in my daily life.

When the new month starts, I open my journal and read through all the history of the past month. Lately, I became more and more excited about the number of things I’ve been able to be grateful for.

Ariana Huffington found that “according to a study by researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida, having participants write down a list of positive events at the close of a day — and why the events made them happy — lowered their self-reported stress levels and gave them a greater sense of calm at night.”

Start your journal and focus on writing it at least three weeks without missing any single day.

You will experience something profound.

Maintain a Balanced Thinking and Don’t Go to Extremes

I this chapter I want to emphasise the importance of staying balanced: not too good and not too bad. Here is why:

Dissolving a negative emotion is quite apparent. It will help you to maintain a focused mind and reduce the brain noise.

When you experience something “negative,” try to identify the source and neutralize it. Ask yourself:

“what’s the lesson?”

“what’s good about that?”

“what’s the benefit of it?”

I am not saying to be a positive thinker here. Look for the answers until you feel the balance between the good and the bad.

Remember, everything that you can’t say “Thank you” for is the emotional baggage. It stops you from achieving even higher things.

  1. Csikszentmihalyi explains: self-integrity depends on the ability to turn adverse events into positive ones.

If you get fired, you will have the opportunity to find something else to do that was more in tune with your desires.

In each person’s life, the chances of only good things happening are incredibly slim.

Sooner or later everyone will have to confront events that contradict their goals. Disappointments, severe illness, financial reversal or business crashes.

Dissolving a positive emotion sounds a bit awkward, right? People usually look for a pleasure reward, praise, promotion and a great sale!

Every time I get elated I call my close friends and ask him to help me get of the pedestal. You may ask why.

Support, praise, promotion or a good sale make you comfortable. The laidback follows after the great achievement – “now I can celebrate and chill out.”

Aristotle said that the personal growth occurs on the border of support and challenge.

Being praised perceiving you have succeeded will reduce your chance of personal growth. It will reduce your hunger for more business achievements.

It will also keep you childish and vulnerable. That is what your competition likes a lot.

If you are in a state of pride or arrogance, you literally reduce your sphere of influence.

Every time someone praises you, ask yourself:

“what’s the potential risk of that?”

“what’s the downside of this achievement.”

“what’s the drawback of it?”

Again, I am not trying to say you should convert your great achievement to a negative one. Just maintain a balanced perception for your sake.

It was hard for me to understand this in the beginning, but it works if you try several times.

If you want to find more information and exercises related to business decisions, you can find it here:


Your emotional stability is a crucial tool for successful business. Successful meetings. High ticket sales. Powerful negotiation. World class public speaking performances. Efficient project management.

It’s a master tool in any communication with people.

Start with a gratitude journal. Write at least ten things you are grateful. for Do this at least three weeks, and you will experience a shift in your life. Your mind will become great, and it will attract great things, as Plato said.

When working with your positive and negative emotions, think about it as an electrical charge that has a plus and a minus.

When you combine one of each, you get something with zero charge. It’s a hydrogen atom – an electrically neutral atom. So, to say your negative emotion combined with the benefit becomes less charged. Go on until you feel it’s neutral.

Master these techniques, and you will be sure that no emotion can control you.

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