About Neo Ross

Neo Ross is an executive coach, a sales performance trainer, a professional speaker, and a founder of The Magnetic Training Series for individuals and organizations.

Neo Ross has a background in Economy, Emotional Intelligence, Physics, Psychology, Sales, Management, Leadership, Stress Management, and Human Behavior.

Over the last six years, Neo’s team helped more than 2 300 individuals dissolve the emotional baggage, fight with grief, break through fears, increase self-confidence, find their personal and business purpose, break sales records, create an inspiring vision and bring order to their professional and personal lives. Neo’s clients range from startup founders to CEOs, business owners, coaches, actors, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs globally. Today Neo works with well-known world’s industry leaders in human behavior, personal performance, transformation, and psychology.

Portret NeoRoss
Portret NeoRoss

Why I Do What I Do

Every single individual has unique purpose and mission, but not all individuals are strong enough to resist the social pressure and distraction.

Neo sees his early childhood as the beginning of his purposeful journey. When Neo was only four years old, he had a wish to become a scientist, explore the mysteries of stars and the planets. However, later his life’s purpose was distracted by the peer pressure. Dr. Petras Orzekauskas – Nussbaum – a renowned professor ignited Neo’s passion to explore the mysteries again. He said:

“Neo, after 40 years of studying human behavior and metaphysics I can state that every single individual on this planet has an enormous amount of information locked in their DNA. That is to say, potential. It depends solely on them, if they are humble enough, to meet someone that can activate this potential”

Neo spent years looking for the answer – how to unlock the human potential?

A Traumatic Event Turned to the Greatest Blessing

Neo acquired his certificate of stress management while fighting in a court against 11 people for three years. Facing a number of events, he managed to fight with the greatest fears, threats and guilt. 

A few years ago Neo was involved in a business agreement with a friend. When Neo arrived to meet the party, suddenly he was dragged out of the car. For more than 2 hours he was beaten, threatened to be killed, verbally abused. During these 2 hours, Neo experienced a combination of pain, shame, guilt, fear and it was followed by 8 months of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On his profound path of self-healing, Neo met inspiring individuals worldwide. On this journey, Neo experienced mind-blowing psychological shifts, tears of gratitude, the unconditional love. Neo has learned to face the fears, dissolve all the emotions and stay balanced for whatever happens. Today Neo applies all the exercises and wisdom for his clients.


Portret NeoRoss
Portret NeoRoss

Neo Shares His Message on the International Stage

An honest message impacts the lives of thousands of people.

Neo Ross started his professional speaking career explaining the complex engineering calculations to his clients while working as a Key Account Manager in a power distribution company. Over the last 6 years Neo Ross presented over 400 presentations to audiences from 5 to 500 individuals, including Technical Directors, Engineers, Governmental Organizations, Universities, CEOs, Sales Managers, Marketing Specialists, Lawyers and Human Resources Specialists.

Neo’s signature speeches:
Competition Without Emotions – The Hidden Blessing Behind the Fact that 11 People Try to Crush You
Give & You Shall Be Given
7 Elements of Inspiring Life

Facilitator at One of The Most Popular World’s Personal Development Seminar

The most profound feeling for Neo is the moment when love and wisdom fills the room, full of attendees who are dedicated to make difference in their lives.

The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most popular personal development events in the world, presented by Dr. John Demartini. It is a two-day seminar that has assisted people all over the world transform their challenges and their live. The Breakthrough Experience team helps people who are held back by fear, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, grief or anxiety, or have a personal or professional issue that they want to resolve.

Neo Ross is a professionally trained Demartini Method Facilitator. Neo is a part of a worldwide team, and joins to help seminar attendees in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and South Africa.

Portret NeoRoss

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Neo Ross

I am an experienced transformational leadership coach and professionally trained human behavior specialist with an international reputation for training leaders and organizations to improve business results with less stress. Over the last 7 years, I had a privilege to help achieve powerful results for more than 2 400 individuals from startup founders to CEOs, business owners, sales teams, celebrities, actors, influencers, and entrepreneurs globally.

How did I start?

Christoffer Bertilsson

Scandinavia's Leading Social Media Influencer

“Neo helped me with several important occasions in my personal and professional life. First of all, Neo has helped me to define the most important life priorities - my core values. This discovery gave me clarity, focus and a clear vision of where I want to go."

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Romualdas Mačiulis

Entrepreneur and International Business Consultant

“I had trouble dissolving my guilt associated with enjoying a good life. I have contacted Neo on advice of my wife, as she has recommended him as an expert to help me get back into balance to be able to enjoy what was there already before me.

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Michael Hoad

Actor (King Arthur and Transformers: The Last Knight)

“I first met Neo in London. He was facilitating The Breakthrough Experience course. As an attendee I was really struggling to see the other side of an event with a work colleague. Using his great logic and deep understanding of human behavior Neo was able to help.

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